Nonmetric Temporal Path Analysis (NTPA):
An Alternative to the Linear Models Approach for
Verification of Stochastic Educational Relations


Theodore W. Frick

Graduate School, Indiana University

Copyright, 1983

Note: This doctoral dissertation is in PDF format, with pages scanned as images.

  • Title page, Abstract, Acknowledgements, Table of Contents (201 Kb)
  • Chapter 1: The Problem (pp. 1-12) (398 Kb)
  • Chapter 2: Theoretical Explication of Nonmetric Temporal Path Analysis (NTPA) (pp. 13-45) (1,035 Kb)
  • Chapter 3: Review of Literature (pp. 46-61) (568 Kb)
  • Chapter 4: Empirical Comparison of NTPA and the Linear Models Approach (LMA) (pp. 62-91) (863 Kb)
  • Chapter 5: Logical Comparison of Nonmetric Temporal Path Analysis and the Linear Models Approach (pp. 92-110) (600 Kb)
  • References (pp. 111-115) (258 Kb)

This methodology, NTPA, was subsequently renamed: Analysis of Patterns in Time. See: Frick, T. W., (1990). Analysis of Patterns in Time (APT): A Method of Recording and Quantifying Temporal Relations in Education. American Educational Research Journal, 27(1), 180-204. The name was changed to APT in order to prevent confusion with path analysis, a very different analytic technique.

See more recent research on APT for evaluating effectiveness of online instruction.